a teacher told me that my hair is “too extreme” so that’s cool


stitched this today

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The Forsaken: A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out by Religious Families


This is actually a really, really well done article. long but absolutely worth the read. So glad that a magazine as big as Rolling Stone is publishing content saying, “Hey, people, we may be patting ourselves on the back about marriage equality these days but there are much bigger issues still being swept under the rug.”

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"We need to recognize that for some people sex is great and for some sex is horrific and for some it’s on par with folding laundry."



(~Sex Isn’t Always Good by queenieofaces)

This is a critical part of sex positivity that tends to be overlooked. Let’s celebrate empowering amazing sex and the choice to not have sex, or only have certain kinds of sex. 

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Basement-White Elephant

Missing you feels like breathing.

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i got angry and made a thing.


reblogging because wage slave solidarity is a thing. appreciate and respect the people who work the jobs that help you function day to day.

as a checkout chick i can confirm that this advice is correct

like, overall this is great stuff to know as I always wanna be good to service folk.

but also keep in mind that people with disabilities (and you can’t always tell if someone has one or not) may not be able to get things in and out of the purse/wallet/pocket as fast as other people, and also just might not be able to help with the bagging, etc.

we’re all doing our best here and I can 100% understand your anger at the way you’re treated both by supervisors and customers, but be careful about expectations that might be abelist, too.


tlc’s “my strange addiction” includes people with dermatillomania and trichotillomania like fuck wow that’s great please compare my compulsive self-harm to people who eat cat food

i’m really pissed it’s not like we needed more negativity abt derma


me during classes

  • "thats racist"
  • "thats sexist"
  • "there are more than two genders"
  • "ok but could we maybe not use that word"
  • "thats ableist"
  • "there aren’t enough girls in here"
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